It gives me great pleasure to announce the appointment of Cavino Winery & Distillery and Mega Spileo (Grand Cave) in Australia as the Exclusive Partners with Garrards Imports and Distributor of Wine and Spirit.

Garrards Importers are the exclusive importers for Cavino or Mega Spileo wine or spirit, all orders are now to be placed with Garrards Importers directly to Mr Steven Kakoliris.

Steven Kakoliris has wealth experience in the retail and hospitality industry including 30years hands on running his own business.  

During the past thirty years Steven has held the position of Principal of Garrards Department Store. This was a diverse, often complex and multi-disciplinary position with three primary objectives. The first being the management, expansion and continued service delivery improvement of what became a million dollar portfolio for the Thomastown store; a boutique department store comprising 24 departments. The second objective was provision of leadership and strategic direction to the management team; key supplier relationship management; business partnering on major projects and the ongoing identification and implementation of business efficiencies.

The third and undoubtedly the most complex was a new business venture in conjunction with a global organisation, for the development of Garrards Harbour Town; a 2500sqm development. 

Over the past 12mnths we have seen the beginnings of very positive change in our Company and the introduction of some wonderful new products. There are still challenges ahead but the foundations are laid and the future looks bright.

I know you will join me in welcoming and supporting Cavino & Mega Spileo Winery & Distillery together with its Exclusive Distributor Garrards Importers of Fine European Wine and Spirits on our new role.

I would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss our new position in the market as Garrards Importers Fine Wines and Spirits in more detail and offer any further information you may require.

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