Olives and olive oil, an integral part of Greek nature.

The Greeks were first that cultivated the olive tree for its precious products, olives and olive oil. The olive tree, that harmoniously ties up with the Greek landscape and the temperament of its residents, sculptured from Mediterranean sun and the Aegean Sea winds, and always existed an endless source of inspiration for the Greek spirit and soul.

A symbol of social and religious values, progress, peace, prosperity, prudence and fame.

A branch of olive in a form of a hoop, was the gold medal that was awarded to the winner of the Ancient Olympic games. According to the fable of Stefania these emanated from an olive that was planted by Hercule himself. Homer called the olive oil "golden liquid" and Hippocrates "big healer".

Olive oil, a product absolutely natural, is considered the corner-stone and the biggest secret of the Mediterranean diet, which internationally constitutes the healthiest alimentary model. Olive oil has antioxidant attributes and in addition of extended use, it strengthens the good function of the organism and promoting the longevity.

It is the priceless treasure of Greek nature, that should not be absent from the daily table.

Hellenic Natural Products is located in the Northern part of Peloponnesos in the Prefecture of Archaia and specifically in the region of the city Egio.  Achaia, is rich in tradition and the production of excellent olive oil, and it is famous for the different varieties of olives; Koroneiki, Koutsorelia, Mothonia and Lianolia which are cultivated in the area.

the main concern of Hellenic Natural Products is the quality that will offer a tasty and healthy family meal. This quality is ensured by our continuous collaboration with the produces, the knowledge and the long-lasting experience of our personnel, always offering Olive Oil from the new harvest.

The quality is ensured by applying a food Safety Management System and the Quality Control System of our company that is completely equipped with the state of the art technology and equipments. Also, our company functions according to international models (ISO 22000-HACCP) offering the consumers Exceptional Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with distinct aroma and a richly juicy flavour, always chosen from Olive groves, from the mountainsides of Achaia.

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  • Steven Kakoliris